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United States Air Force


The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) and the Business Enterprise Systems Product Innovation (BESPIN) office were looking to lead a digital transformation from a compliance-driven culture to a user-centered one. To kick off this transformation, they brought in The So Company.

Our challenge: To lead the development of one of the group's first agile products—a mobile application that functions as a centralized bulletin board for the Air Force Academy community, allowing cadets, administrators, and family members to view and post relevant events. 

Role and impact

"What's up?" app wireframes

Our team brought best-in-class agile project management, mobile app development, and human-centered design practices to the Air Force. In guiding this initial effort and building a strong, collaborative relationship with the team, we played a significant role in helping AFIMSC and BESPIN move forward successfully in their digital transformation efforts—and ultimately create better digital products that improve the jobs and daily lives of cadets, staff, and their families and build a greater sense of connection and community within the Air Force. 

What we did

Our product team: 

  • Led a team of UX design researchers and developers through one of BESPIN's first agile projects

  • Brought the best-in-class, cross-platform Kotlin programming language to BESPIN developers, and led a collaboration with Touchlab to ensure Kotlin expertise

  • Conducted user research sessions with stakeholders as well as current and former cadets and staff

  • Built an MVP app, following U.S. Digital Service design standards and U.S. Air Force Academy branding guidelines

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